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Coresight extensibility: how to have access to other symbols in the display

Question asked by Bmsousa on Feb 2, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2017 by ChristianBu

Hey guys,


I would like to have access to the other symbols in the same display from inside a custom symbol.

For example, let's suppose I have two symbols: a custom one which looks like a button and the SINUSOID value:



When I click the custom button, I would like to get the SINUSOID value and change the text of the button to it:



This is just an example of a custom symbol having access to information held inside other symbol. But I need to go further: scan every symbol in the display and get their information. Any ideas about the best way to do that? Is there a way to navigate through window.coresight object structure to find the other symbols in the display and their respective properties?


Thank you!