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Application using API connect to PI Server throwing error

Question asked by prateek.choudhary on Feb 2, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2017 by prateek.choudhary

An external application is using PI API to connect to PI Server and retrieve data from it.

When the application tries to connect, at the very first instance we get an error - PVR-M-01026 TID 170c (GetAttributes) PI historian errcode >00000002< >pipt_findpoint

PVR-E-01026 TID 170c (PI:RetrieveDataUsingRawRead) PI historian errcode >00000002< >piar_value

After checking these error codes it maps to - errPvrHistCallFails = “data historian call fails.

But the thing is when the application tries to re-connect, it is able to connect and retrieve data without any issues.  FYI-  PI Server is running on 2015 R2

Any idea on what exactly could be causing this? We have checked the connection drop outs and there arent any.