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Can Process Book TOC View Mode be set from VBA

Question asked by RobFerguson1 on Feb 4, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2017 by dhollebeek

I am seeking to create the hierachy of entries in a ProcessBook using VBA routines.

It seems that ProcessBook has to be in Outline mode to be able to manipulate the Entry Levels from the program, but this is not the default so needs to be changed manually.   I would prefer the program to be able to do this and set it back to Notebook mode once the menu is created.

Unlike the prorgam's Application object that shows Run/Build mode it does not seem that the TOC view mode, i.e. either Outline or Notebok is exposed as a program setting.

Is this correct or is it possible to determine this setting from VBA and prefereably also change it?