ACE calculation using AF contexts

Discussion created by mhalhead Champion on Sep 24, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2011 by cmanhard

I'm curious how others have done calculation against AF elements that are persisted in the PI database. The obvious method (and the one I'm using) is to construct you're AF elements and then seperately create a MDB hierarchy (this can be automated fairly easily or simply wait for PI 3.5.380 to be released); naturally you would use the same PI Points in the AF element and MBD alias. You would then simply create an ACE calculation that runs against the MDB context. Is this the best method or has anyone come up with another approach?


The ideal would be to tie the ACE calculations directly but I don't believe this is possible yet; the AF 2.2 release will re-introduce analysis rules, time rules and I gather attribute analysis rule (forgive me if my terminology is incorrect).