Custom webPart wich consume a RTTreeView

Discussion created by ztelo on Oct 6, 2009
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I created a custom webpart wich consume a RTTreeView. The custom webpart implementes the IParametersOutConsomer. In the ParametersOutReady method, i try to get the value for the selected node from the RtTreeView.


I tryed : selectedtag = parametersOutReadyEventArgs.ParameterValues[0]; =>This give me an empty value.


I tryed : selectedtag = parametersOutReadyEventArgs.ParameterValues[1];=>This give me the value, but when i select another node from the RtTreView it does not give the selected value!!


And so on.. i tried ParameterValues[3]; ParameterValues[4]; i am not able to know witch case in the ParameterValues Array that contain the value for the selected node.


Does any one have any idea how can i get the seleced node value?.


Thank you in advance.