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    Identify OSI staff

      Would it be possible to have a little image or something in the signatures/avatars to identify the OSI staff on vCampus?

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          We already discussed that feature in the past and it's definitely something we'd like to implement. Our web development team is currently planning and testing the upgrade of the platform we run vCampus on, so I'll try to see whether that can be part of that upgrade project.


          Thanks and keep posting ideas to improve the program and its website!

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              Would be good if it was added because sometimes I wonder who works for OSI when looking at responses and very little people have updated their bio.

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                  Rhys @ RJK Solutions

                  very little people have updated their bio


                  I think it's a good opportunity to invite everybody to update their profile and let the community know a little more about you! Simply click on "Welcome <yourName>" in the top-right corner and then click on "Edit my profile" on the left-hand side.


                  Knowing each other a little more is an important part of any community and who knows, maybe we'll be reusing some of this information at the OSIsoft vCampus Live! event (you should register soon, the Early Bird discount ends in 4 days from now!)