[CTPs] PI JDBC, PI Web Services and PI OPC UA Server

Discussion created by spilon on Oct 9, 2009

For the benefit of those who joined recently (and those old-timers who simply forgot )... in the course of the last few months, we made 3 products available to the OSIsoft vCampus community exclusively:

  • PI JDBC Driver
  • PI Web Services
  • PI OPC UA Server

Don't forget to try these out and tell us what you think! Your feedback will impact the development and the roadmap of these products.


The PI JDBC Driver is available from the vCampus Download Center and you can type your questions and provide feedback in the PI JDBC Development forum.


As for PI Web Services and PI OPC UA Server, they are available as hosted versions and you can contact us to discuss the possibility of getting the actual bits. Make sure you check out the related blogs (where the development teams explain everything and communicate a lot of information), as well as the related forums, to ask your questions and provide your feedback.


    Web Services and PI forum     Web Services and PI blog
    PI OPC Development forum    PI OPC Team's blog