Using PI Data with MATLAB: new white paper on the Library

Discussion created by spilon on Oct 13, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2011 by kilgored

Just in case you were not following this other discussion thread, I am please to announce a new white paper was just posted to the vCampus Library: Using PI Data with MATLAB (it's under the "White Papers and Tutorials > Miscellaneous" branch).


This was announced on Twitter a little while ago but I preferred to wait since I got great feedback from colleagues and I wanted to incorporate it and make sure you got the most out of it (and admittedly, my 3-week leave did not help ). You'll most likely see a couple revisions of this paper in not too long, as my colleagues had other great ideas that were not yet incorporated (I just didn't want to delay this any longer).


Anyhow, I hope the MATLAB users will enjoy - please do not hesitate to provide feedback!