Strange behaviour on a 64 bit system

Discussion created by JanvanderVen on Oct 14, 2009
Dear VCampus members,   I wanted to write my first process book add-in on my Vista 64 bit system. I had already installed the 64 bit SDK and PI OleDB. I added ProcessBook to that installation and the C# templates.  I then started Visual Studio Express 2008, started a Simple Add-In template and tweaked my csproj to produce x86 code as described here: http://coffeedrivendevelopment.blogspot.com/2008/06/hacking-vs-c-2008-express.html. I also had to change the location of PI ProcessBook as it is in the Program Files (x86) folder.  Without any coding on my part, I started the debugger and ProcessBook started up and gave an error: "Exception in OnConnection Error HRESULT EFAIL has been returned from a call to a COM Component". The breakpoint I set on this line:                 m_theApp = (PBObjLib.Application)Application; was not reached.  Later that day I used PB with a PDI file that had some code behind the form. This also failed in the UpdateValue function.  I feel that these problems arise from the 64 bit "something" getting called instead of the 32bit. Can someone confirm this? Is there a workaround?  Kind regards,   Jan