ProcessBook Add-In - limitation of GetTraceValue ?

Discussion created by CalebH on Oct 15, 2009
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  I was wondering if there is a limitation on the PBSymLib.Trend object as far as calling

GetTraceValue(nValueIndex, vrTimeOfValue, vrStatus)
  When I cycle through the traces on a Trend object that has more than 26 traces, every tag starting with the 27th trace will error with:


"Run-time exception thrown : System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException - Number submitted was outside of acceptable range for the value."


  Also confirmed that error when trying to create Watch values for any trace number past 26.  When adding tags to a trend in ProcessBook, though, it says the limit is 50 tags.  Are these numbers supposed to match?  How can I call GetTraceValue(...) on the remaining 24 traces?


  There aren't any problems with the tags as they plot properly and if I delete the 27th trace, the "new" 27th trace is the first one to error.  These are all analog tags.


  I am using ProcessBook v3.0.15.7 with PI-SDK, Visual Basic 2008.