displaying setpoints with AF

Discussion created by bfrancken on Oct 16, 2009
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Hi all,


We're working at an AF project concerning electrical plants and we want to add setpoints (in the future) to AF in a way processbook can display them. These data is saved in a database as timestamp - value and the customer would prefer to use standard AF applications to display them. We were thinking about the build in tables in AF to save the data and use the 'Table lookup' datareference with following query:


"SELECT Value FROM TestTable WHERE Time >= '%Time%'"


But because the Time displayed in this query is not the 'query time' but the local pc time this doesnt work, and even gives an 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object.' in client applications (processbook).


So at the moment we're looking for a substitution parameter for the query date or another means to do it.