Substitutes for MsFlexGrid in ProcessBook

Discussion created by Clint.Ostby on Oct 16, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2009 by mweiss

Hi all,


We operate in a locked-down desktop environment. This makes it easy for us to deploy consistent solutions, but one drawback to this environment is that automated Windows patching can disable specific ActiveX control versions (such as MsFlexGrid) as a security measure. The process for getting an upgraded MsFlexGrid deployed to our users is rather cumbersome.


Can anybody recommend a substitute to the MsFlexGrid control? The app that we are using this in is a Module Context driven ProcessBook display that uses the FlexGrid to display a list of assets and some associated values from the PI system. The number of assets can vary depending upon the current Module Context...anywhere from 1 to 30 sub-assets. The FlexGrid is an easy solution, but impractical in that we have to continually manage patching in order to keep the app up & running.


Any thoughts on alternative solutions? MS Forms 2.0 Listbox works but is a bit clunky. Has anybody taken a different approach to this requirement?




- Clint