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    Providing Parameters (Tags) From Custom WebPart To RTValues/RTTrend WebParts


      HI Guys!


      I have a task to provide a row of tagnames from my custom webpart (which gets them from bdc listwebpart) to one of RTWebParts: RTValues or RTTrend, or to both of them at the same time.


      For instance, user should make a choice in custom webpart, and then appropriate tags are being provided to RTWebParts (RTValues or RTTrend).




      I've created custom webpart which implements interface IRowProvider (and also IParametersOutProvider - I've tried this one as well).


      I successfully connect my webpart to RTValues (via Get Rows From...) . But after making a choice in custom webpart the only first tag (in a row) is provided into RTValues (the same behaviour with RTTrend).


      I also check the variant of connecting webparts via Get Parameter Value From - the bahaviour is exactly the same: only the first tag goes to RTValues webpart.


      So I've started to hesitate whether is desired bahaviour supported by RTWebParts.


      Can anyone help me?


      Thank yoг in advance