What can replace an adodb.recordset in vb.net?

Discussion created by cjrancur on Oct 20, 2009
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A vb6 application written by our local IS department needs to run on the PI server. The application includes manual data transfer to PI, with comparisons made to both DB2 and SQL scheduling and specifications databases. It makes sense that this reside on ACE in PI because it can be tightly linked and doublechecked to ensure that data is indeed being received by PI.  This is not really an ACE question, it's a vb.net programming question in the ACE context, so I'm posting here instead of in the ACE area.


The vb6 application used adodb.recordset objects.  I'm trying to learn whether that is similar to a datatable, a dataset, a dataadapter, or a combination of these.  How can I upgrade this from vb6 to vb.net under Visual Studio Pro 2008?  Is there something in the new LINQ system that can help?  I haven't tried any of the LINQ, at least that I know of.  The adodb.recordset objects used some shortcuts like EOF (end of file), which I can't find in the vb objects.  Is there an analog?  Also, when I tried substituting the recordset fields for datatable items, I didn't find it a one to one substitution.  There's lots of work to do, it seems. 


Can anyone provide tips?  Is there a reference that can be included in the vb.net project, like maybe importing objects or referencing a specific SQL tool, that might make this conversion task easier?  Any help is appreciated.


From a Chemical Engineer that's been straddling the proggramming development line lately.  I'm not a programming expert, by any means.  I'm glad to learn from all of you professional developers.