Attribute ConfigString

Discussion created by MELang on Oct 21, 2009

I have created elements based on a template that has PI Point data reference attributes which uses substitution parameters.  I would write .Net code using the AF-SDK to retrieve the attributes' PI Points.  I've tried various properties including the ConfigString property.  However, all I seem to be able to get is the configuration string of the template which includes the substitution parameters, not the substituted values.  Is this the way it is supposed to work or am I doing something wrong?


Sample Code:  sPITag = afTank.Attributes("NetVolume").ConfigString


afTank is an element object


Sample Result:  "\\P600018?ea557ce1-eda3-4b53-ac8e-bf956d49b378\;ptclassname=classic;pointtype=String;compdev=0;compdevpercent=0;excdev=0;excdevpercent=0;excmax=0;pointsource=SD&P;shutdown=0"


Note the substitution parameters and PI Point attributes.


Sample Desired Result:  \\P600018\BAYC.100-107.NV;ptclassname=classic;pointtype=Float32;compdev=10;compdevpercent=.0001;excdev=0;excdevpercent=0;excmax=0;pointsource=SD&P;shutdown=0;span=10000000


This is taken from PI System Explorer.  Note that the values of substituted parameters are present.  This is what I am trying to get in my code.  But I would prefer that the PI Point attributes were not returned.