PI and Other Model Simulators

Discussion created by Mohammad on Oct 23, 2009
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Hello Friends


I would like to ask you this question because I have been facing it many times.


As everybody knows PI is fed mostly by data sources such as SCADA system and there are many other client tools (OSI) that gives you the ability to manipulate the tags and a lot more. My question is that how I can use this ability and bing in  non-real time simulators and feed the PI system and make use of power of other client tools. I say in more detailed with an example, one of the big process simulator in the market is HYSYS and it simulates all processes and in some cases, OSI can come in and add more functionalities but the problem is that how I can integrate HYSYS and calculation results to OSI World.


I do not know maybe I should have asked this from TechSupport not Vcampus but the reason is that I saw the title of this forum was PI Integration.


I would appreciate if you give comments