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    Sharepoint/WSS3.0 Developer Environment


      Hi all,


      I am new to VCampus so if answer is already posted please forgive me and point me to the information. Thanks in Advance


      Our Company is transitioning from a coldfusion shop to a Sharepoint\Webpart SCADA Reports Solution.


      One item we are having a hard time wrapping our arms around is building a Development Environment that works for sharepoint and for our Developers. Every Blog or other Website we have found have suggested that you have to have W2K3 with WSS3.0, Visual Studio 2005 or greater and Sharepoint Designer 2007 all on a W2K3 Server. We are not in a position currently to give 3-6 Developers their own personal W2K3/Visual Studio 2005 Development Center, but our developers believe its better to have their own sand box (not being a Developer Myself I can see their reason's).


      Has anyone setup an environment that works that can avoid so many individual "sand boxes"?


      Do I even have the required items correct or is there other combinations that will work?


      Thanks Again


      Ken Rice

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          Hi Ken,


          this question targets probably more the Microsoft Guys than than vCampus - so let us see what the community may have to add.


          I personally prefer my own little sandbox (like your developers ). Microsoft had a VHD available - but unfortunately this had a timeout in September. From the requirements you are pretty complete (just missing the extensions for Visual Studio VSeWSS I guess).


          There are couple of blogs around that describe developing web parts remotely, but all seem to say that the remote debugging is a pain.


          Microsoft will be able to tell you more about the licensing - but for me it looks like the only difference would be the OS on your developer's machines.



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              Hi Thanks for your input, I have been researching this for the last two months and 90% of the answers I find point to that you either develop directly on the server or create your own personal server with all the licensing overhead and either a virtual machine, dual boot, or extra hardware, (all of which is getting harder and harder to justify to upper management), it would be nice to have a Sharepoint Development Environment on XP (Desktop) .I just thought I would pop the question here to mostly confirm my research.





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                  Yeah, I preffer to have my sandbox too! (and I have, a VM with that specifications)


                  I do have VisualStudio 2008, SQL Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 and the latest and gratest Visual Studio Windows Share Point Services Addon.And having a lot of free space on that drive to take snapshots is one of my favorite things, so you can go back in time to before you broke ... tested something.