Retrieve large number of data using PISDK

Discussion created by inform2prabhat Champion on Nov 3, 2009
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Hi All,


I have a requirement but not sure what to use to resolve this. Please suggest.


Requirement is :


450 Tags / 1 second scan rate / archive values for previous day /store in a flat file/ daily scheduled.


So I have to create a program (either dotnet or Visual basic) which can be scheduled daily for retrieving data of 450 tags from PI archive (only archived value not interapolated). Assuming that the tags are scaned and archived with 1 second scan rate, so for a single tag there will be 1(tag)*24(hours)*60(min)*60(sec) = 86400 rows. so i have planned to store each and every tag into a separate file. Now i am worried that whether there will be any issue with PISDK or Dotnet for retreiving this number of data from PIServer.


Issue could be related to Network / PISDK instances / bandwidth / Dotnet or VB.


I discuss one similar issue with OSI Techsupport last year and they suggested me to go with PIOledb or PIODBC as they are the standard interface.


can anyone suggest me something ?