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    PI Notifications Scheduler service not starting


      I am trying to configure PI notifications and am having a problem starting the PI Notifications Scheduler service. When running the cmd net start PIAnalyticsScheduler I am getting System error 1067: The process terminated unexpectedly. I have installed AF Server, Client and databases locally and the service is logging on using the local system account. I have tried this configuration on both Windows Server 2003 R2 and XP SP2.


       Thank you in advance,

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          Hi Fraser,


          This sounds like a problem that you can get the best assistance from the OSIsoft Techsupport team. You can contact them to troubleshoot this problem =)


          Just my personal opinion, I would check the message log at the time when you attempt to start the scheduler service to see if there is any errors logged.

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            Yes, checking the PI message log is definately the way to go - Notifications will give the reason it doesn't start.


            An easy way to do this is to open a command prompt, navigate to PIPC\adm.  Then run "pigetmsg -f" which will connect to the message subsystem and print new messages to the console as they are written.  Once this is connected, start PI Notifications (can be done with net start or from services.msc).  Once you get the error messages, it will probably be obvious what the problem is.  If not - post back on this thread.