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    vCampus Team available Live! next week!


      As you are likely well aware by now, next week is our annual technology conference OSIsoft vCampus Live! 2009. We are looking forward to seeing those of you who will be attending.  We have planned a packed agenda covering nearly everything OSIsoft is working on including some ground breaking new technology in event stream processing, and event framing.  For those of you who are not attending, we will be working hard to provide some coverage while our entire global team is at the conference. We have scheduled times to be online in vCampus during Pacific Daylight Time (PDT= GMT -8), so that we can address issues presented . We  thank-you in advance for your patience during this time and encourage you to contact Technical Support with any urgent questions you may have.


      Only 1% of members have taken the survey we proposed in our "First-Year Anniversary" newsletter (see here), to provide us feedback on their experience with OSIsoft vCampus. If you could spend 10 minutes it would help us focus our improvement efforts. After the new year, I will post the interesting results.


      See you in San Francisco!

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          I received the following message when I tried the survey, "Javascript is required in order to take this survey. Please enable Javascript in your browser." I just disabled Javascript yesterday in my browser due to news of a new exploit known for Javascript in ie6 and ie7 browsers.  This exploit has not been commented on or ruled out as a possibility by Microsoft in ie8. I'd take part in the survey if it can be emailed.  I have a lot of positive thoughts regarding vCampus in general.  It's been very useful to me in the past 2 months I've used it.
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              I like to use a really customized firefox to navigate sites I don't trust, usually the JavaScript Blocker and the AdBlock Plus are the two most used plug ins in my firefox installation. With those you can control what scripts work and what sites you trust. But I assure you you can trust on the JavaScrip files we provide, there is even a javascript filter applied to this forum that will block anything that may harm you or your computer.


              In fact, email is a little less secure than browsing the internet, as sending the survey will mean that you'll have to open it somehow... and the scripts will reside local to your computer (just as in the web browser) or the file should be open (that can't happen inside a browser window).


              Oh! Security is such a deep topic. (and I'm not an expert, I think I'm parnoid )