Working with Array Value Types

Discussion created by rdavin Employee on Nov 24, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2009 by hanyong

I am using a modified version of the sample Rollup data reference.  It worked fine given all I was interested in at the time was averages.  Now the business requirements have changed in that they also want to track the count of attributes with values, the sum of those values,  a count where the values are less than or equal to a fixed number, and possibly a count of attributes that are missing values.   This is easy enough to do with the Rollup DR but my real concern is how efficient is it?  I have 5 basic things I am calculating (avg, good count, sum, threshold count, and missing count) so essentially I would be interrogating the same input attributes 5 times over plus retrieving the data 5 times over.


My thoughts are to modify my DR to gather and fetch from the input attributes once and to store the tallies in an array.  This would seem to be more efficient.  But then the problem is how can I reference the individual items in the array?  Can items in an array be referenced by the Formula DR?  If so, great and please tell me how!  Otherwise I would need to make yet another DR to grab an individual item from the array.  I’m not committed one way or the other (still in the “figuring it out stage”) but given that I have 300+ elements and 25K+ attributes, I am trying to find the happy ground among maintenance, efficiency, and scalability.