Daniel Takara

Not seeing the whole range of buttons in the text editor

Discussion created by Daniel Takara on Nov 26, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2009 by formerpigeek

Cristobal Escamilla

Make osisoft.com a Trusted site, and in the trusted sites tell it to allow javascript. That should fix this.


I was having the same problem as Carrie in IE8 here. Adding osisoft.com to the list of trusted sites fixed the issue for me. Thanks, Cristobal!


By the way, I also investigated a little the exact IE8 scripting security settings that need to be enabled, so that the vCampus WYSIWYG edition buttons become enabled.


In order to do that, I removed osisoft.com from the list of trusted sites and observed the default security settings for Internet Zone. I found out that the "Active scripting" setting (in Portuguese: "Script ativo") is enabled, by default. However, the following settings are not enabled by default:

  • "Allow updates on status bar via script" (in Portuguese: "Permitir atualizações da barra de status via script")
  • "Allow websites to prompt for information using scripted windows" (in Portuguese: "Permitir que sites solicitem informações usando janelas controladas por script")

After I enabled these 2 settings, the WYSIWYG edition buttons became enabled.




However, regardless of having osisoft.com in the list of trusted sites or having internet zone settings in IE8 as I indcated above, sometimes I have to refresh the page (hitting the F5 key), so that the WYSIWYG edition buttons become enabled.