AF Upgrade from 2.0 to 2.1

Discussion created by Eng-Kiat.E.K.Tan on Nov 27, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2009 by spilon
Hi, i have a question that the Osisoft techsupport are unable to answer my questions by yet. In AF2.0, i have a sql scrip where i pull data from a source and store the data as a table in AF2.0. However to my despair, the data does not refreshes itself. I tried to click on the refresh button and it did not work. I contacted techsupport and the only useful answer they gave me was, you need to install AF2.1. Since i have little time, i would need some advice on how to upgrade. I sent 2 or 3mails to techsupport but they have not contacted me for half a day now. I saw that there are AF server 2.1 and AF Client 2.1 install kits on thedownload site What does it mean ? If i upgrade, i have to download both to install ? or do i just have to install the server ? and also, i am using AF 2.0 now. There are data and elements in there. Do i need to worry about losing all my data when i have upgrade ?? When i upgrade, do i need to remove AF2.0 ? Can you please advise ? Thanks.