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    AF and PI Calculations/Datasets


      Hi again,


      In AF, i created an element whereas one of it's attributes is Total Flow. Basically Total Flow is the summation of 5 rates from specific oil wells. I been fiddling through the controls of AF explorer and i do not find any option that would allow me to create a dataset quickly and use the dataset as my Total Flow. Do you have any advice where i can use ? Thanks.






      My other option is to create a PI Performance equation tag to use in AF. ( which is my last resort )





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          The easy way is to first create your 5 individual flow rates as attributes under a same element (say they are named flow1, flow2, flow3, flow4 and flow5), and then create some "total flow" attribute that uses the Formula Data Reference (ConfigString: A=flow1;B=flow2;C=flow3;D=flow4;E=flow5;[A+B+C+D+E]):




          Another way around would be to use the "RollUp Data Reference" that's part of the "Implementing AF 2.0 Data References" white paper on the vCampus Library.


          If you need more information regarding the Formula Data Reference and the non-programmatic way of creating AF Elements, I invite you to contact our regular Technical Support. Should you need more assistance on creating those elements programmatically or on the aforementioned custom Data Reference programmatically, please do not hesitate to post here again