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    RTgraphics and Oracle source

      I am thinking of designing this layout of a well in processbook, where it shows real-time of a PI tag against value from oracle. In processbook, i can use ODBC to get the relational data out.I plan to convert that into SVG and use it as rtgraphics. I know that in previous related post, Andreas showed me how to configure ODBC, DSN on my sharepoint server and DSN. However, i just like to confirm if there are any way for me to show relational data on a SVG file besides the ODBC and DSN option ?
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          Absolutely. From the "The RtGraphic Web Part" chapter of the RtWebParts User Guide (available on the vCampus Library):


          Dataset Support
          RtGraphic supports ProcessBook display graphics built with PI data, PI Calculation datasetsor ODBC datasets.


          Any data source used in the display must be accessible to the SharePoint server in order to update content in RtGraphic. For ODBC datasets, a corresponding Relational Data Source with an identical System Data Source Name (DSN) must exist in RtBaseline Services.


          For example, a PI ProcessBook user connects to an ODBC data source on his computer through a System DSN named MySQLData. The user builds a ProcessBook display with the ODBC data and saves it in .svg format. Before using the .svg in RtGraphic, the user must create or verify the existence of a corresponding Relational Data Source called MySQLData for the RtWebParts server through RtBaseline Services.