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    AF Explorer Beta Version Timed Out




      I am getting the below error when I open AF explorer.


      "The AF SDK Beta 2009-December-02(INternal) has timed out"


      Is it because of Beta version?If so how can I resolve this issue?


      I have already dowloaded the latest AF(Both client and server). what are the actions to be taken to upgrade. Do I need to uninsall the existing version first?


      I need to solve this issue quickely. So I am requesting you to reply me as soon as possible





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          Hi Anwar,


          Yes it seems like a problem that is caused by the beta version, because there is a timeout in that version. Because this question is more like a product support question, I would encourage that you contact OSIsoft Techsupport Team for rapid assistance. They would have the resources to support you promptly.


          For your information, Beta AF client and server kits should be uninstalled first as the Release kits can't be installed on top of the Beta kits. The PIFD database will remain in SQL server untouched during the uninstall so no data is lost. Also user client configurations should remain when uninstalling the AF client. Upon installing the release server kit the PIFD database will be upgraded, but this won't affect the existing data.


          Hope this helps =)