Execution Context & PI Collectives -Selecting Individual Members for Execution datasets?

Discussion created by isolutions on Dec 8, 2009
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I'm experimenting with ACE execution context and everything i'm seeing / reading indicates that there is no real way to force an ACE calc to execute against a tag set from a specific collective member. I have a number of tags that I'm interrogating - piperfmon points - where the values differ between collective members. I have an ACE calc that monitors the tags & spits out emails when certain boundary conditions occur. Works fine for tags that contain identical data sets between collective members. But for tags such as the perfmon Snapshot Subsystem_Number of Overflow Queues tag, this will differ between collective members.


Is there a way to either create a context for each collective member or alternately, within my calc, force connectivity to individual collective members & read current tag values from each member?