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    PI collector and interfaces on XP embedded




      Did anybody try to install PI SDK, Buffer and OPC interface on a PC running XP Embedded (xpe)?


      Does OPC can run on xpe anyway?





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          When you talk about OPC to which product do you refer?


          a) PI OPC Interface
          b) PI OPC Server Provider
          c) Third Party OPC Server/Client


          When you say XP Embedded do you refer to the old Embedded XP platform?


          I can't have access to that one, but I do have access to Windows Embedded Standard... which is recent. would that help you at all? If not, I won't even bother giving it a try.


          I like this question, it is interesting

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              OPC like having a third party OPC server, with the PI OPC Interface and the collector running on a machine with XP embedded, or maybe Windows Embedded Standard (I haven't try this one)




              Could give a small PI Collector for many interesting applications!

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                  I am not sure if you will be able to run OPC server on a Windows Embedded device.


                  Ok, so here are some of the things to consider, you will need a device that allows you to run in Real Time (Hard real time or Hardware real time), this is really important por interfaces that request data a lot, as it would not be good if you have a small delay  while recolecting data or loosing data because the device can't work it out.


                  For the W.E. version you need, you can use the Standard, Enterprise or POSReady solutions. all of them support x86 applications and can be made Real-Time via a third party plug in.


                  That said, you should be able to run the OPC Interface with no problems if the software requirements are met.


                  About the Third Party OPC Server I'm not able to comment.


                  I wonder, and embedded device like this... how do you intent it to connect to the data source? com/paralell ports and/or industrial ports are not easy to put in embedded solutions. So you may give it some consideration.