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    PI System Manager II




      Is there any plan for CBT for System Manager II?


      What is comming on as new CBT on vCampus?





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          Nick D'Orazio

          Yes, planned for release in 2010. Here are the upcoming CBT releases with estimated completion dates.


          Title: PI ProcessBook, PI DataLink and RtWebParts.
          New Content: ProcessBook 3.2, AF 2.1, Datalink 4.0.3, RtWebparts 2.2
          Projected 1st Qtr 2010


          Title: Title: PI ProcessBook, PI DataLink and RtWebParts – Localized versions (Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, French)
          New Content: n/a
          Projected 1st Qtr 2010


          Title: PI System Manager II (title is tentative*)
          New Content: Notifications, AF 2.x, High Availability, Totalizations, Performance Equations (PE), APS, Advanced Troubleshooting
          Projected 2nd Qtr 2010
          (*) Notifications, Totalizations, and PEs will be included in either a Sys Mgr II course or as topics taught in updated versions of the existing CBTs.  


          I also anticipate we will update CBTs for PI Manual Logger and PI System Manager I in the first half of 2010. For those things not currently taught via CBT (such as Totalizations, PI Notifications etc.), you can find a recorded webinar at http://www.osisoft.com > Resources > Webinars > Show Me How Training Webinars. Please let me know if you have any questions.


          Nick D'Orazio
          E-Learning Manager