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    Tip: Make-it-snow christmas webpart

    Asle Frantzen

      The holiday season is upon us, what could be better than making your sharepoint snow?


      Go to this link and download the dwp-file.


      Add it to Sharepoint (MOSS) by:

      • Going into edit mode
      • Click 'Add web part'
      • Open the 'Advanced webpart gallery and options'
      • Click 'Browse' at the top of the configuration field and change it to 'Import'
      • Browse and find the dwp-file on your hard drive
      • Upload and drag it onto any of the webpart zones in the page
      • 'Modify shared webpart' and uncheck the 'Hidden' checkbox under 'Layout' (there is no GUI, but this makes it work outside of edit mode as well)
      • Enjoy!