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    ProcBook Addin


      Hi, Are there any examples of ProcBook addin code adding andd manipulating Microsoft Forms 2.0 TextBox and DropDownList objects on a display? Any help greatly appreciated.

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          I haven't had time to try to do this in an add-in, but here's the VBA code to create an manipulate a text box.  Hopefully it's not too difficult to port to C# if that's what you're developing your add-in in:

          Sub CreateTextBox()

            Dim oControl as PBControl

            Set oControl = ThisDisplay.Symbols.Add(pbSymbolControl, "Forms.TextBox.1")

            ' oControl.Object is the actual forms object, so you should be able to do everything to it that you can normally do to a text box.

            oControl.Object.Text = "Text Box Text"