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    Host connection to VMWare Virtual PI System

      I'm using VMWare Player. I set up a Window 2008 Server and installed a PI Server. PI is running, I've installed it with a lic. From my laptop I can ping the virtual system, I've setup a bridged network. When I try to create a connection on my laptop using PI Connection Manager i get the error -2147220309, yet i'm providing a user name and password. I have also set up a Trust for my laptop's.


      Laptop is vista, VM System is running Windows 2008 server.


      Anyone have any ideas to get me connected to my VM PI Server?

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          Hi Jon,


          It would seem like this is a problem with PI accepting connections, have you check the message log and see what is the credential provided by the incoming connection when your host machine is connecting to the PI server? I would expect to see messages indicating that the connection is received, whether trust is granted or rejected, etc. That would tell us more about what is happening when the server is handling the connection.


          If you do not see connection-related messages at all, then I would check if I can telnet from the Vista machine to the VM on port 5450 in command prompt ("telnet <hostname or IP of VM> 5450"). You want to take note that telnet is not installed by default in Vista, so you need to enable it 1st. You can find some relevant information here


          There are other things that may come into play here, like the domain settings or the network environment you are in (Since bridged network settings means that the VM is connecting to the network that the host machine is in for VMware). But I would use the message log as a starting point.

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              There are no messages in the PI Server Message logs on 'devpisystems'. The VM PI server is not getting requests I presume. Telnet failed.


              C:\Users\jcroonen>telnet devpisystems 5450
              Connecting To devpisystems...Could not open connection to the host, on port 5450
              : Connect failed


              I'm also wondering if i should be using VMWorkstation instead of VMPlayer.


              I also added Port 5450 to the Windows Firewall and still no ability to connect to 'devpisystems'



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                  Jon Croonenberghs

                  I'm also wondering if i should be using VMWorkstation instead of VMPlayer.

                  I don't think that would be necessary here. I have PI VMs running on VMware Server and currently VMPlayer, both works fine for me when my host machine connects to it. =)


                  I guess based on your findings, it seems like a network thing. Just to confirm, can you just verify if pinetmgr.exe is listening on port 5450? Normally I would just run "netstat -a" to ensure that. You should see an entry like this that indicates that something is listening on the port.

                  TCP    ALPHA03D:5450          ALPHA03D:0             LISTENING 


                  Another thing that you can attempt here is to change the network settings, instead of using bridged network, use Host-only where the VM and the host are connected through a private network. This way we can isolate possible issues from the physical network.

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                    Hi Jon,


                    I aggree to Han Yong - you should be fine with the VMWare Player.


                    If the telnet to 5450 fails - than this seems to be a network issue unless the pinetmgr did not open the 5450 port. How did you test that the PI Server is running on the VMWare? Did you run PISNAP or  PI SMT?


                    The message log should show a message like

                    TCP/IP (IPV4) connection listener opened on port: 5450


                    Can you check for that?