openPDC (open source phasor data concentrator)

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I thought some of you might be interested in this:


Project Description
The openPDC is a complete set of applications for processing streaming time-series data in real-time. Measured data is gathered with GPS-time from multiple input sources, time-sorted and provided to user defined actions, then dispersed to custom output destinations for archival.


The open source phasor data concentrator (openPDC) is a system that is used to manage, process and respond to dynamic changes in fast moving streaming phasor data. More specifically, the openPDC can process any kind of data that can be described as “time-stamped measured values”. These measured values are simply numeric quantities that have been acquired at a source device and are typically called points, signals, events, time-series values or measurements. Examples of measurements include temperature, voltage, vibration, location, luminosity and, of course, phasors. When a value gets measured, an exact timestamp is taken, typically using a GPS-clock for accuracy – the value, along with its timestamp, is then streamed to the openPDC where it can be “time-aligned” with other incoming measurements so that an action can then be taken on a complete slice of data that was all measured at the exact same moment in time.


Not done in StreamInsight, but stream-processing nonetheless...