ACE solution shows 0 projects, but dll works in scheduler

Discussion created by cjrancur on Jan 6, 2010
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One of my ACE executable modules seems to have a corrupted solution file.  When I try to use the ACE wizard edit menu, I get a message with header of "PIACEWizard2005and2008".  The message says, "There wasn't a named values collection in the variant.".  Also, when I try to open the solution file directly from vb.net, the solution has no modules or forms associated with it.  The solution explorer shows only one entry, "Solution 'FileName' (0 projects)".


This might have happened when I tried to open the vbproj file rather than the sln file.  It might have happened when I changed the module database to point to the directory structure of the server, rather than the directory structure of the ACE development machine.  It might have happened when I said no to saving the file, after I opened it in vbproj.  Does anyone have ideas about a possible cause?


 I contacted OSIsoft help, and the suggestion was to create a new ACE program and copy my code from the vb files back into the new ACE project. 


Is there another way? If I add the project back into the solution, will that work, or will it cause more trouble? Does anyone have any experience with this?  I'd like to avoid this sort of "redo" in the future, if I can.  I will partition my drive to have the same directory structure as the ACE data server.  Will that prevent this problem from recurring? 


I need to be able to edit the source code, so I have to get an editable solution again.