Use Cases for StreamInsight

Discussion created by merighm on Jan 7, 2010
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While trying to come up with some use cases for StreamInsight (SI) with real-time data, things boiled down to one question: what can you eventually do with StreamInsight that is hard to do now with PI tools.  I ended up with only two categories:


-- Once SI is released, some GUI tools will show up on the market for on-line processing of real-time data.  Such products could consist of GUI tools or visual frameworks to let you assemble data analysis strategies in a graphical way.  So perhaps instead of creating ACE modules, one would have the possibility of creating plugins within such a framework.  Think of a SQL Server Integration Services-like Visual Studio extension that acts on SI data. 


-- Since data archived in PI goes through compression using a modified swinging door algorithm, some data mining strategies that are sensitive to such compression would prefer to process snapshots instead of archived data.  However, apart from some purely academic papers, I could not find any application that woud suffer from using compressed data.


Any ideas?