Check for PI server status in PI OleDb

Discussion created by cjrancur on Jan 12, 2010
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A PI server that is accessed via PIOleDB was briefly taken down.  The OleDB select statements returned nothing.  The ACE application then gave preconfigured error messages to a PI message log on another PI server. However, the errors didn't indicate the true cause of the problem.  The errors mentioned data that could not be found in PI, but it would have helped if the message had been able to also indicate that PI server searched by OleDB was down or inaccessible. The OleDB queried PI server was down for maintenance in this case (or network inaccessible in other cases.).


I could assign SDK objects, and find out if the PI server is accessible, and adjust the error messages that way. Since I have not yet assigned SDK objects in this application, is this the most efficient way?  I'm looking for a way to do this via PIOleDB, instead.


I looked into the OleDB manual and saw a diagram for the ADO 2.8 object model.  That drawing showed Errors and Properties associated with the Connection.  Is there a way to access this?  I thought about trying to query the pinetmgr. But, if PI is down on the target machine, then OleDB won't be able to get to that data any easier than it can get to the PI archive data, will it?