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    ProcessBook - ActiveView - .Net userControl


      hi, i'm currently writtin an new activeX usercontrol for processbook & activeview in .net c# and i am having problems inserting it in processbook.


      the control is visible in the activex list and works with other activex tester (visual studio, tstcon32). When i try to use it with process book i get an error "Unable to load control from file mscoree.dll. File not found." I wonder what it is about and i am trying to debug it.


       here is the code : http://pastebin.com/f380c2ade

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          Greetings Robert,


          We have an open request to support .NET ActiveX user controls within PI ProcessBook. It is recorded in our system as PLI 4027OSI8, with a few customers associated with the request. The development team has actually looked into supporting this and found that the behavior of enabled .NET ActiveX controls was unacceptable in PI ProcessBook. They specifically said, "By disabling the check [for the presence of a DLL registration and location], we were able to insert a simple .NET ActiveX control into ProcessBook. Unfortunately, when we did this we noticed some bad interaction between ProcessBook and the control and ... it was difficult to get proper focus to a textbox within the control." So far, they have not been able to conquer the many challenges of integrating managed code into the unmanaged code space of a PI ProcessBook display.


          Having this type of control allowed in a display and actually supporting its operation are not the same effort, it seems. So far, we've struggled to incorporate managed code (in general) implementations inside our venerable display authoring product. The best results we've had so far have been in using managed code components within docking windows (if you were at the OSIsoft vCampus Live! 2009 event, you saw one of our developers discussing how he used .NET controls in a docking window as part of the extreme review). This is a reasonable solution for PI ProcessBook users (as you can provide interaction between the docking window and a display), but has not been helpful for PI ActiveView users, which doesn't have docking windows yet. We are planning to release a version of PI ActiveView that does have docking window support this year, 2010.


          Also be advised that we are working on new client products that will use newer technologies. While that is not a short-term solution, by any means, it is the direction our company is moving and a major focus of development effort.


          Laurie Dieffenbach
          Product Manager, OSIsoft