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    Sharepoint 2010 (beta) and PI Webparts

    Asle Frantzen

      So I'm checking out the new Sharepoint 2010 beta - and it's looking very promising. Out of curiosity I tried to install PI Webparts 3.0 - but I was not able to get something up and running.


      I see the engineering plan for PI Webparts 4.0 - with support for Sharepoint 2010 - is set to "second half of 2010". I hope OSIsoft will be on top of things as soon as Microsoft releases Sharepoint 2010 (planned sometime in H1 2010) - with the PI Webparts 4.0.


      Will there be a CTP for PIWP 4.0 for the vCampus community - and can we expect that in H1?





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          At this time we expect a release of PI WebParts in the first half of 2010 that is compatible with SharePoint 2010, but will not have much else with it beyond base compatibility, and there is no CTP planned. We'll follow that up with a PI WebParts release that replaces the Adobe SVG Viewer, among other things, and we're considering a CTP for that. The Engineering Plan should be updated soon accordingly.

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              Asle Frantzen

              Hi Paul


              Thanks for the answer, nice to know at least a little bit about things happening in the near future.


              I'm going to a Microsoft event next monday, here in Norway, called Developing in Sharepoint 2010. So even though there could be 6 months untill Sharepoint is out, things are happening, and knowing that some of our customers are really hungry for new technology - I guess it won't be long 'till they start asking about SP2010 - even the beta :)


              I'm glad to hear that you plan this version with nothing more than base compatibility - that'll help us get going on the new platform - and then we'll take the new features as soon as they come :)