What is the best way to handle engineering unit conversions?

Discussion created by rmoynes on Jan 21, 2010
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We have been using PI in my company for roughly 15 years.  For each tag, we have always taken whatever engineering units the device provides and stored those in PI.

We are now looking at standardizing on metric units wherever we can.  This is going to be a gradual process that will likely take many years.  We aren't going to be switching everything all at once, but as equipment gets replaced, we would like to use metric where the new devices support it.  For instance, there may be a PLC that currently gives us temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit.  When that PLC gets replaced, we would like the new one to send us temperatures in degrees Celsius.  To reduce confusion, we would also like to convert all of the historical data for the temperature tags coming from that PLC over to degrees Celsius.

What is the best way to handle this sort of thing?  I looked at the ReplaceValue method of the IPIData2 interface and it seems to be a good possibility, but are there any gotchas associated with this, especially when we'll be replacing every value going back through 15 years worth of archives in some cases?


We would probably do something like this for each tag as we need to change them.  We're using VB.Net (2005).

  Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
    Dim srv As PISDK.Server
    Dim pt As PISDK.PIPoint
    Dim mysdk As New PISDK.PISDK
    Dim val As PISDK.PIValue
    Dim ts As Date
    Dim ds As PISDK.DigitalState

    srv = mySDK.servers("TheServer")
    pt = srv.PIPoints("TheTag")

    'Get the latest value to start with

    Val = pt.Data.ArcValue("*", PISDK.RetrievalTypeConstants.rtBefore)

    ts = val.TimeStamp.LocalDate
    ds = val.Value

    'Loop backwards through PI to when the point was created
    While ds.Name <> "Pt Created"
      Val = pt.Data.ArcValue(ts, PISDK.RetrievalTypeConstants.rtBefore)
      If Not IsNumeric(Val.Value) Then ds = Val.Value
      ts = Val.TimeStamp.LocalDate
      ' ...
      ' ReplaceValue code here - calculate converted value and write it back at the same timestamp as the old value
      ' ...
    End While

  End Sub

How have others dealt with this sort of thing, and what problems (if any) did you encounter?