Backfill data in non-chrono order

Discussion created by cmwirun on Jan 22, 2010
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Hi all,


I've got a system (3.4.380.36) that I'm testing some programs that back fill data.  A test system, natually.  I'm filling data from Dec-2008 for the entire year of 2009.


I had a look at the KB article on backfilling data and the source data isn't in a format that can be easily imported with piconfig.  The data is in XML files, sliced by calendar day where 9 tags for a site for a given collection time are in a single XML record.  Consecutive XML records represent chronological data throughout the day.


I created a dynamic archive file to cover 01-Dec-08 through 01-Jan-10.  I created all the tags I needed for two sites - each site having 9 tags.  I deleted the initial 'Pt Created' archive event for each tag.  When I went and attempted to load the data for a site, I see archive history for awhile, then I end up only seeing the last value sent from the PISDK program in the archive, and no previous history. 


I am watching the snapshot and archive stats and it appears I'm getting an accumulation of 'Out of Order Events', which couldn't cause a problem- just bypasses compression...?


It seems like I get different results in different cases.  I had the entire year loaded for one site and when I went and loaded the another site for thesame timeframe and again I only got the last value sent.


I'm attacking this from server-side first, then I'll see if this is a PI-SDK programming issue.


Thanks for any advice.