PI WebParts 3.0 coexist with RtWebParts 2.2

Discussion created by quangsun on Jan 28, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2010 by pkaiser

I currently have a SharePoint 2007 x32 server with RtWebParts 2.2 in Production that accesses a 2-node Collective. I would like to setup a test server on a separate box with SharePoint 2007 x64 and PI WebParts 3.0.  Before I install PI WebParts, I would like to know if PI WebParts 3.0 on a separate box/environment that is complete separate from existing RtWebParts but access the same Collective is supported and that it will not affect or harm the existing x32 RtWebParts 2.2 installation?  We're not using the ModuleDB at all.

Thank you.