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AF OLEDB with PI Web Parts and PI Data Services

Discussion created by Joe Devine on Feb 1, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2010 by bodo

We found ourselves in a job where we could use Module Database and PI Data Services for some table construction but that seemed like something to throw away shortly so we decided to leverage the new OLEDB ver. 4 in PI Web Parts.  We are unable to get the new AF OLEDB to work in PI Data Services using a "User Defined OLEDB connection.  Since that did not work we were able to get a linked server to SQL connection to work that called the OLEDB 4.0 and proceeded to build multiple querries that worked just great in the PI Web Parts Table part.  However, what we found is what appears to be a memory leak of some sort and we are not sure if it is through the linked server or the AF OLEDB.  When a new user connects to the website to view the table two instances of dllhost.exe is launched and we have determined it is directly related to the calls.  When the user closes the web site the dllhost.exe remains open and never closes.  At one point we had nearly 7GB of memory tied up in about 30 instances of dllhost.exe.


Has anyone out there seen this behavior before with any application and interaction with dllhost.exe?




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