Custom webpart with Trend & TimeRangeWP

Discussion created by ztelo on Feb 8, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2010 by cescamilla

I have a page with 3 webparts : TimeRangeWP, Trend and a custom webpart GridWP. The GridWP is connected to the Trend. A user selects pi point from the GridWP, he clicks sur "Envoyer" button. The pi points are displayed on the trend. see photo below:




When i change the starttime in the TimeRangeWP and click on the Aplly button the trend display nothing! it lost the pi points that the GridWP sent to it. See photo below:






the Message in the Trend:




How can i resolve this issue?


 Note:I have this issue after installing the new version of osisoft webpart Pi-WebPArt3.0.


In the previous version i do not have this issue.