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    PI System Compatibility with Anti Virus and Backup Software


      Hi Everyone,


      On our PI System we are planning to use Symantec Endpoint Protection Version 11(Enterprise and Agents) for anti virus and Mircrosoft Data Protection Manager 2007 for system backups.  Does anyone know of any functioning PI Systems where these packages are used?  If so are there any known issues that where caused by using these packages?  How long have the systems been running error free?


      Our PI System contains the following major components:


      PI Server Version 3.4.380 in two node HA collective, OPC HDA Interface, Manual Logger, AF Framework Versions 1.3 and 2.0, Sigamfine, ACE


      Any infomation any of you can give would be great!





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          Normal rules apply for Virus Scan Safety, do not permit the scanner to block the PI archives as slowing or denying access to those files will result in an error. And also prevent it from scanning the PI log files.


          Also, some Symantec tools usually block ports and apply firewall rules, so make sure that you leave the required ports opened, and that no  required application opening ports gets blocked by that software.


          On the Microsoft Data Protection Manager 2007 side I bet it is really safe, but I have never had a chance to test it! how are you planning to implement MS DPM 2007?