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Discussion created by gpriyanka on Feb 10, 2010
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Has anyone tried using escalation teams in PI notification?


I have just started using PI notification and I have a lot of questions about various scenarios that are not available in the manual. I am hoping that someone with experience would answer those questions without me having to test every combination possible.


1) The resend interval of a notification is 4 hours with notify only on change in status checked. There are 2 members in an Escalation team (no repeat) under subscriptions with an escalation period of 4 hours. Who will get the message at what interval?


2) The subscription of a notification has an escalation team with 2 groups. I don't want any automatic acknowledgment. Will it be enough to change the settings to 1 at the Subsriptions option, or will I have to change it from Auto to 1 at the group level as well?


Has anyone tried sending the notification to a pager? How did you do it? I used the email method by using There are some formatting issues.