x86 exes slow to start up on x64 OS

Discussion created by RJKSolutions on Feb 15, 2010

Was tempted to send to TechSupport but thought I would ask the theoretical question here for now.


I have noticed on a few servers that an executable, including OSI applications, compiled for x86 is 'starting up' slowly on Win Server 2003 x64.  I even wrote an x86 exe using AFSDK on one server that is causing the same issue - that too starts up slowly but once running it appears to be working at normal speed.


Too tired to think too deeply in to this, so can I borrow some thoughts from your educated brains on possible causes?  Or is this to be expected?  (Or am I going to get directed to TechSupport?)


I have seen this with PI-SMT, AFExplorer and custom PISDK & AFSDK applications.  You can see the process running (e.g. AFExplorer * 32) but you don't see the application for about 1 minute or so.  Server isn't heavily loaded.