Details & Annoation in Table/Matrix - View and other Addins

Discussion created by wpurrer on Feb 16, 2010
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Hello together!


In our company everything is about User Expierience, and our customers are challenging us in this way. So i have a lot of Plugins to write in the next couple of weeks.

Maybe someone has some input on my topics or also want to share some code.


Details and Annoations


At first I need a enhancement for the Details & Annoation - View.

It should be possible to view the Data in a Matrix form (time on the y - axis, tags on the x - Axis)'


I also read (http://www.rjksolutionsltd.co.uk/main/RJKPIForum/tabid/61/Default.aspx)  .... and i don't wan't to use PI - Datalink.


User Expirience: If you have an trend object in processbook with all the data like it should, you don't want to redo all the work again to do it in excel.


Cursor Difference


Second Plugin "Difference of the values between to cursors".


I like to create a plugin, where the user can simply see the difference between values (cursor 1  at 5   cursor 2 at 7 , difference ist 2)


AF Drag and Drop.


The third one is, that we need a MIX of AF - Tree and Drag and Drop like in the Datafavourites.
I'm not sure with this, because i read in the roadmap, that there should be some enhancements in the Fall 2010 / Spring 2011 Release


Error Messags - Viewer


The third one, i'm not sure if i try it as a plugin or as an external application, i need a "Reader" for some error messages from an old text - printer i have through UFL in some tags. (With some searching, grouping (top 100 alarms),... and so on functions.


Whats your opinion.