EF Oledb Provider

Discussion created by ygalipeau on Feb 16, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2010 by pcombellick

regarding some discussion coming from the vCampus, as should OSI provides a read/write for AF oledb provider or a an event frame Oledb provider first, here is my opinions on that.


i definitely wants an EF OLEDB provider since this could provides benefits to customer right away with the EF structure for easy event frame extraction. also, i would suggest some SQL Views directly on top of event frame for performance reason. have the overhead of the SDK on top of SQL server reduce speed and performance. and since event frame is subject to contains a lot of information in it (at least for our application) have direct SQL query possibility instead of going from SQL World to .NET world and to SQL word again (due to the use of SDK) instead of working only in SQL with views would be a great benefits.