Is there any way possible to use parameters in PISysOleDB?

Discussion created by fisher_johnp on Feb 17, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2010 by michaelh

Is there any way at all currently to use named or unnamed parameters through PiSysOleDB (@pwhaterer, ? - unnamed, :pwhatever)? for Data.Interpolated.StartTime and EndTime? so that I can produce an ad-hoc report on AF element attributes to satisfy say a manager of some sort in the control room at a plant?


Oh and by the way, I just noticed this:


If you query Data.Interpolated and specify

i.StartTime = '*' AND i.EndTime = '*'

it gives you the current values.


It's easier I suppose to just query Current, just had to share that is all.


I've got the PISysOleDB blues, Oh ... I've got the PISysOleDB blues ...


I'll keep on blazing the trail .........


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