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    PI API or PI SDK


      I want to use PI API to update the data of PI on Collective PI by buffer.


      what is  the better methode to do it? PI SDK or PI API by C#.


      Thank ...

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          In the nicest way possible, PI API is not recommended anymore, in favor of PI SDK. As a matter of fact, the OSIsoft vCampus program does not provide any development rights on PI API, neither does it support it (e.g. no documentation, no discussion forum). You should note that PI API is much older than PI SDK and therefore does not implement the latest connection/security mechanisms. Also, it is sequential as opposed to object-oriented and provides a much narrower breadth of functionality (variety of databases/objects you can access, what you can do with those objects, etc.).


          These are just some of the reasons why OSIsoft does not recommend nor support it anymore... but beyond that, it is really just a matter of promoting the best products/technologies for your needs, and supporting the best practices.


          As far as updating data in a PI Server Collective using one of the PI Buffering technologies, I invite you to read this other discussion thread - especially the last couple posts.


          Hope this helps!

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              Yes, I think that PI SDK is best way, but I am not sure PI SDK buffering can dispath directly data in the all servers in PI  Collective...


              I don't want to scan all servers in PI collective and use after the updated function for all.


              do you have a alternative solution by using PI SDK  without scanning all servers in PI Collective.





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                  Ibrahim Ly

                  I am not sure PI SDK buffering can dispath directly data in the all servers in PI  Collective
                  Indeed, it cannot at this time. As per the other post I pointed you to, you will have to wait for PI SDK v1.4.0 (see Engineering Plan).


                  Other solutions are to use PI ACE or the PI OPC DA/HDA Server, which both use a different technique to write data and leverage the PI Buffer Subsystem's ability to fan data to PI Server Collectives.

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                    Wait for PISDK 1.4 (see engineering plan)




                    Only write to the primary member and use PItoPI on the server side to synchronise the data (I was tempted to say wait for SSB but we have been waiting a fair while already )

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                        My company was also told the SDK was the way to go and that the API was not going to be supported anymore.  Its interesting that in the Sept news letter OSI lists the release of PI API for 64 bit Linix.  Whats up?  Is the API going to be just for Linix/Unix? 

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                            Ahmad Fattahi

                            PI API is still being used inside the whole PI system, say for an interface to talk to the PI server. However, for the sake of development and licensing we do not support PI API.

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                                Hi, sorry for the late reply as I've been traveling.  I'm the PM for PI API and PI SDK so I can try to shed some light on this.  At the risk of opening a can of worms, I figure it is best to be direct...


                                We are in the process of determining our roadmap for PI API.  In a nutshell the plan is:

                                • PI API is offered through a special license agreement only
                                • PI API will be maintained and supported for current users
                                • PI API will continue to be enhanced, with focus on needs for PI interfaces
                                • PI SDK is recommended for most customers, especially for new development
                                • PI SDK Buffering will provide the ability to write to HA PI, similar to API
                                • PI Web Services, PI JDBC, and PI Interfaces are recommended for Unix or Linux platforms

                                If there is any question on which Data Access method to use, feel free to use the vCampus forums for guidance or contact Tech Support.  For licensing or pricing questions, please contact your Account Manager.